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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Don't wanna go to work ...

Ahh, warm days in San Francisco again. Walking around in tank tops and sandals (umm, and other stuff too) with a smile on my face. It just makes me feel happy, not to be alive, but just happy.

Which puts me in the mood to write depressing things, of course. :P Sorry, Ducklings.

"Anytime you lose a parent, it's obviously tough for the family,' said Kariya, who has four siblings. "My father played a huge role in all of our lives, but you're born and you die; those are the two guarantees in life. We've had good perspective, and I think having so many brothers and sisters to lean on has helped me get through it.

"In terms of playing, my father wouldn't have wanted me to stop playing; I know that for a fact.

"Having a team to lean on helped, too. This is a family. Anyone who's been around pro sports knows how close you become to your teammates and your coaches; it's like a second family. Having them around and their support definitely helped a lot.'

Yeah, thanks for making me feel even scummier about how I've written him. One day I'll write something nice ... oh wait, I have! *pets chocolate ducklings*

Finished Duckling threesome last night. I'm happy with it, which probably means it's terrible. That always struck me as weird, how a lot of the time what writers don't like of their stuff is what others do, while the stuff they're satisfied with is mediocre. Severe lack of objectivity, I guess.

Got bunny to write about life in the hellhole. I'm not sure it's a good idea, given how terrible my memory is, but at the very least, I will be super cheerful about the way my life turned out after I'm done writing it! :D

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Aww. That's so sweet what he said. I love Paul Kariya!

He's fabulous. I have so much respect for him, sticking with his team all through the bad years.

Damn it, woman, enough is enough! When are you going to post this Ducklings threesome you keep taunting us with? And if you mention a certain unfinished birthday fic, I will hurt you.


*huggles paul*

I agree about the fic thing, stull I am in lve with kinda dies and stuff I knock out and arent so struck on seems to be liked more *g* weird.

I was talking to Joolzie today about that, and now I'm thinking there's another category. Like, fics that the writer is personally satisfied with that are good, but don't go over well for some external reason that isn't related to the quality (boy there's a subjective term) of the fic.

And I love your fics. :)

Oh I absolutely agree, I see fics all the time that are good great even and they get largely ignored, then others that get posted that are okay but get tons.
I mean great fics get tons of fb lots and bad ones dont as well its al such an odd thing really :)

thanks, I lov eyour too *hugs*

I guess a big thing is what the pairing is, and also what kind of stuff happens in it. Or maybe even things like font size. :)

*cuddles* Thank you! :)

*nods* absolutely, hell ive seen fics that are in like a hand writing font and just said ahhh my eyes cant take it lol


my eyes are too old to be fiddling with crazy fonts *shakes cane*

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