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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devils lost tonight. :( Was happy for Spezza though. *stares accusingly at Bernie* Oh well, they get the chance to win it at home! :D Is it just me, or are the Sens either really on or really off? They were like that all through the Flyers series too.

I somehow ended up tricking myself into writing a Ducklings threesome. I even have a plot and title. *weeps*

And after watching X2 I'm suddenly very excited about the X-Men RPG! It's being developed by Raven, who very obviously have been dying to do one for ages *peers at Hexen 2* and there's 2-player mode! I could be Jean Grey to Chip's whichever-character-is-the-most-powerful! :D

I doubled my RAM at work today. I asked Alex if we had any lying around and we had a 256 MB stick so I upgraded my machine. (The fact that my case is eternally open finally came in handy) I haven't messed around with hardware at all for a while. That was fun. :)

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:( *cuddles them* but am still looking forward :D

*Ducklings cuddle back* Thank you. :)

X-Men RPG! Okay, a quick history on how geeky Lira is: I used to do an X-men RPG. It was called TXI and it was back in the old days, probably six years ago, through boards and shit. We weren't the pre-established X-men though, we made our own characters. It was really cool, and I miss it. The movie made me think of it. Made me want to read the old comics, too, because that's how much of a geek I am, too-- I used to read the books. Oh, the shame. And you didn't need to know all that, but I had to rant.

Lira ;)

Eee, that sounds so fun! Superhero computer RPGs are so tough to do well. *peers at long list of failed superhero computer games*

You know, I never actually read any X-Men, or any other superhero comics, really, which is weird because that's the dominant genre in comics. :P

If you ever have the time, pick up this PC game called "Freedom Force". It's got the whole old-time comics feel down, complete with onomatopoeia. (Look, Mommy! I used a big word!)

Ahh, Ducklings threesome! You started to mention it last night but it got swept under the rug of some other kind of squealing, I think. But Ducklings threesome with PLOT and and and THREE Ducklings! Yay for Maefic!

The fact that my case is eternally open finally came in handy. I haven't messed around with hardware at all for a while.

Dude... if you re-read that... *lol*

Computerspeak sounds so dirty!

Oh dude, it's seriously dirty! There's RAM, male/female parts (where male inserts into female), hard drives, joysticks, etc etc.

So at the Sens-Dogs game last night they apparently had someone on arena staff following the Sens/Devs game pretty closely, because at the play stoppages they'd make an announcement every time Spezz did something good. And then the entire arena would cheer.

Oh, that's so sweet! And he didn't let his fans down, for sure. :)

No, he didn't... I just really want Ottawa to lose and send him back down, because somehow I don't think that Hamilton's going to allow too many more 6-goal games.

I'm actually having a lot of fun with Binghamton as a hockey town. It's small (the smallest in the AHL? Certainly the smallest arena) and awfully supportive and people generally know the game fairly well and it's just enjoyable in general.

That sounds really lovely, then it's like a community and makes it all the more fun. :) I wish I'd gotten into hockey when I was living much nearer to San Jose. Eep. I'm probably going to turn into a baseball/football fan once I move away from San Francisco, knowing myself. ;)

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