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Devils lost tonight. :( Was happy for Spezza though. *stares accusingly at Bernie* Oh well, they get the chance to win it at home! :D Is it just me, or are the Sens either really on or really off? They were like that all through the Flyers series too.

I somehow ended up tricking myself into writing a Ducklings threesome. I even have a plot and title. *weeps*

And after watching X2 I'm suddenly very excited about the X-Men RPG! It's being developed by Raven, who very obviously have been dying to do one for ages *peers at Hexen 2* and there's 2-player mode! I could be Jean Grey to Chip's whichever-character-is-the-most-powerful! :D

I doubled my RAM at work today. I asked Alex if we had any lying around and we had a 256 MB stick so I upgraded my machine. (The fact that my case is eternally open finally came in handy) I haven't messed around with hardware at all for a while. That was fun. :)
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