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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Might makes right!

Off to work to try and finish the project that will not die. Blah.

Watched X-Men 2 last night. Vaguely disturbed by Cyclops/Professor X. And why is he "Ex-zavier"? Is he X. Xavier or something like that? I liked this movie much more than the first. Characters not called Wolverine actually seemed more real. Or as real as they can be as they're causing wanton destruction anyway.

*sighs happily* Makes me want to go play Freedom Force.

Devils playing today! I hope they go in without any kind of overconfident mentality and just focus on winning the game. Don't want this series to go on any longer than it has to.

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*giggles* I was particularly fond of a few characters.

*coughIceman/Pyro/Roguecough* I would totally do all three of them. At once, preferably. *giggles insanely*

*grin* They were definitely a cute threesome. *cough*

I was actually getting bunnies for Iceman/Pyro smut during the movie. Fire on ice and all that, you know. :P

I think it can be pronounced either way?

I want to cause wanton destruction!

Devs win today, when does the final start? End of the week?

I think it's going to be a close, hard-fought game. But I myself will be watching the Baby Sens try to keep their home playoff winning streak alive. If the Sens lose, maybe we can have Spezza back. If they don't *use* Spezza soon, I'm going to be extremely cranky at them.

They're just keeping Spezza from you so you don't injure him.

And by "you" I mean Hamilton, but I suppose New Jersey wouldn't be an incorrect answer either.


*I* wouldn't injure Spezz! Not deliberately, anyway. I just go a little nuts when he leaves his tags out the back.

Hamilton probably would. In general AHL teams tend to play against him by having him wear a few players. I shall decline further comment.

New Jersey is a different story. I don't think anyone's exempt from injury with the Devils, including, like, other Devils.

No further comment needed! Spezza's learned well from the other drapers, and was caught draping Alfredsson. Only they were smiling like it was some kind of fun game... Right!

I thought only the Leafs injured each other. Hate to think they could really have anything in common. Aside from an unwavering ability to beat the Sens, despite being the weaker team.

I vaguely remember someone on the Devils clobbering Gomez and taking him out of one game in the Bolts(?) series.

First game against the Bruins, Marshall basically put Gomez out of commission. He wasn't really back for the rest of that series. And it was the hit of the game!

Then you've got White's involvement in Brylin's broken wrist back during the regular season... someone on the coaching staff did a number on either Mackenzie or Stevenson a few weeks back... and so on, and so forth. It's getting stupid, it is.

It was a brutal hit. Eep.

Marshall! *shakes fist* I'm actually not quite sure why I have animosity towards him, but I know it's related to being a Sharks fan. By the same token, I have warm and fuzzy feelings towards Friesen, although his Hitler-esque playoff moustache kind of squished them somewhat.

Maybe they introduced a game of assassin under the mistaken notion that it's some kind of team-building exercise? :P

Ahh, jolly good! I thought it might have been one of those things like in American Gods where it's not really Whiskey Jack but Wisakedjak, and if you haven't read that book, just nod and smile. :D

Wanton destruction is lovely. *sighs wistfully*

I'm guessing it'd probably start Saturday or Sunday? *scratches head*

I thought it was cool Spezza asked to be sent down so he could play for them. :)

I liked Xmen 2 more than part 1 too :D
Goooooooooo Devils!

I loved Ice Man. I thought he was incredibly hot. Him and Rogue were cute. Definitely! I loved when Ice Man is telling his parents about the mutant powers and his mom is like "this is my fault, isn't it?" and Pyro is like "Actually, technically the mutant genes come from the male, so it's his fault!" *points to dad* haha!

And I hope Sens win tonight! I want this to be a more entertaining series. Keep me on a death grip!

Iceman had a great presence. I wonder if in the next one the main story is going to be Iceman vs Pyro.

Whoa. The game just started. I'm at work, so I'm taping it and watching it later, but I just felt that funny feeling in my tummy. This is mild compared to what it was like during the Ducks/Wings series, though. :P

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