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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ahh I'm bursting with joy (and weeping) right now. I don't really have anything else to say about that. *tears roll down*

Oh, and SDQ? Chip maintains that Chara is a "big, ugly fuck". Furthermore, he says that Chara is also a "hideous troll". He also corrected the statement that Chara should be deported. Actually, what he said was, "I can't believe this guy got let into the country! There are border patrols for this kind of thing!"

*still crying*

Okay, settle down, self. *busts out fic* Time to start writing. Don't want to go back on my promises. :D

*cries some more*

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*cuddles you tight* :D ahhh

I think everyone cried...I didn't cry though. I screamed and hollered. You gotta love those damn ducks. They'll make history!

Screaming and hollering - that's understandable. Weeping, on the other hand ...

And they are very lovable, starting with their stoic, loyal captain. *sniffle*

And Big Slovak Defenseman, though goofy-looking, is not ugly nor is he a troll.

Gino Odjick--now HE is a troll. ;)

*giggle* I'll let Chip know. :P

He is NOWHERE NEAR an ugly troll, and while he is big, he is NOT ugly and hideous! And obviously, much like me, the border patrols were bowled over with love for him when he came into the country so he is NOT going to be deported, especially not if I have anything to do with it.

Also, he has a bit of a unibrow.

If you're looking for someone who looks troll-like, you really don't need to look further than Tie Domi.

He's more garden gnome-like, IMO.

Chip's response to your IM comment is that he's well-hung like a troll.

Also, he says that Chara should be a goaltender, then he could be the "troll in goal".

I will support Chip and say that Chara is not only big and ugly, but he's scary too.

He appreciates your support. :)

LOL! Chara is freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaky!
And congrats to the Ducks :D

But not as freaky as the freaky Sedin twins. Although actually Daniel is all right. Does that mean that Henrik has all the freakiness, and on average they are freaky?

*cuddles Ducklings*

Awwww *hugs you* I'm a little ambivilent towards the playoffs now, but I was so happy for you when they won ;)

*cuddles* Thank you. :)

Yeah, I can understand your ambivalence. :( *still sad about Canucks*

*cuddles back* :)

*sigh* Yes still sad as well. Am now just having fun watching good hockey :)

Yeah, I would actually be happy even watching my least two favourite teams playing against each other just because it's hockey. :)

Exactly! It's actually alittle more fun now because I'm not emotionally invested in the teams. I'm happy when my friends are because their team wins and vice versa :D

Yeah, not as many heart attacks, elevated blood pressure, racing pulse, hitched breathing ... man watching hockey sounds dangerous, doesn't it? :)

*grin* Watching hockey can be dangerous to your health ;))

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