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The Invincible M.A.E.

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My jersey!

*shrieks* I got our jerseys from UPS today! I got my home Thornton jersey, so tersa and I can activate our Thorty twin powers, and Flannery got her puckbunny Gagne jersey. (j/k) I'll be sending that out to you today, sweetie. :)

Upon hearing that it's JS' birthday, Chip decided that I should send him a dozen red roses with a card signed by either Petr or Sauer, and a poem written on it.

Poetry courtesy of Flannery:
JS had a scruffy beard
It was the color of sand
Whenever Petr or Kurt weren't around
JS used his right hand

Isn't that beautiful?

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*wipes a tear* so beautiful *g*

LOL! What a funnnnnnnnnnn poem!

And dude, I need a Dany Heatley Jersey. *pets Dany*

She's talented, isn't she? :)

Eep, Dany. :P

Aww, man! I want jerseys! I want so many people's, lol. Ryan Smyth (oilers), Wade Redden (sens), Todd Bertuzzi (canucks), TEAM CANADA, and GIGUERE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGGY!

That's a lot of jerseys, lol! Good choices, though. :D

I think my second one, if I got one, would be Petr Sykora. :P

Heh, then if you got your Havlat one, we could be Czech jersey-sisters. :P

River City has Pro Czech jerseys for $99!

*giggle* That's who Flan and I got our jerseys from. :)

Heh, are you trying to soften the blow for Pete?

I haven't mentioned anything today, but my birthday isn't until September so I have some time. ;)

Who *wouldn't* want a Petr Sykora?

I would keep one with my Elias when not in use, for they never should have been separated.

I know, I wanted to grab him and bring him home. Him and Chistov. Jiggy was cute but a bit too big and unwieldy.

Yes, they would certainly entertain each other. :) Or did you mean the jerseys?

*sigh* I believe one day they'll end up together again. :)

I don't know, seems to me that Jiggy's pretty damn wieldy... :D

Yes, they would certainly entertain each other. :) Or did you mean the jerseys?

Both? You're talking to a woman who sleeps with a poster of the A-line over her bed.

I wouldn't mind trying to wield him. *coughs*

*shrieks* That's so awesome! I want to do that! Only I don't think my bf would be too happy about it. :P

*laughs* My fiance finds it to be rather eerie. He has insisted that I find a new home for it when we move.

Aww ... hmm, does it bring A-Line dreams?

You know, that inspired me to search for A-Line posters. :P

Ahh, that's the one I found! *giggle* They had to scale Jason down so he takes up as much space as P&P.

That's what you get for being a large quantity of Canadian, I guess...

I like the Czech boys better, anyway. :D

*sigh* Heard that Big Jason Arnott could be traded in the off-season. Although I wouldn't mind him ending up with us. *spazzes*

Ahem. And Petr's definitely my #2. :)

Sykora Is Great. Oh and he's so f*cking yummy!

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