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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I'm going to be so dead tonight

I'm going to the Avs vs Sharks preseason game tonight! *squeal* Sunny should be playing tonight, Reech probably and Thorty maybe (he played on Sunday). *thud*

Oh yeah, and I haven't forgotten. I'm in the 4th row, behind the Avs bench, and I'm supposed to yell "visa Röven" loudly, which means "show your ass" in Swedish. And I think Foppa is the only Swede on the team, so my camera will be trained on him when I do it. *grins at Robyn and SDQ*

I'm sorry, SDQ, but I was unable to find out the Swedish translation for "How did you like fucking Patrick Roy in the ear?". Maybe next time.

Okay, off to work now. Man, I'm so excited about the game! My first live game ever! *squeal*

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Eep!! Bad image! Bad Mae. No cookie.

But Sunny.... and Thorty *swoon*

So sorry ... hmm how do I warn about it without inflicting it? *giggle* And I will be so dead if both of them are actually playing tonight.

LOL!! Hmmm don't know. Best thing is to stay away from it *ggg* j/k

Wwell you have to make sure to tell us if they're both there, especially those of us not able to go in person *grin*

Oh no? Damn. Go anyway and bring that camera!! And bring back stories!

EEEEEEEEEEE just EEEEEEEEEEEE *grin* cant wait to hear about it!!

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