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The Invincible M.A.E.

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This is getting to be a habit

I cried during a hockey game. Again. Granted, I'm not quite all here because of a lack of sleep, but holy crap!

For anyone doubting that fic works, Flan posted Oates/Gagne with a yummy side of Kariya and what happens? Paul scores two goals assisted by who? Oates. (And Petr, but I'm getting to that) I posted A-Line fic today too. :P

I thought when Petr got a holding the stick *cough* penalty it was going to be another one of those games for him, but he played well after that, got many of his lovely slapshots off, and got two assists where he was actually useful! *chocolate duckling musi pop up, licking each other* *gets distracted, then shoos musi away*

Oh man, Oates was on today. So were pretty much all the Ducklings, I think. I'm glad that Chistov got that goal to "make up" for invalidating Sammy Pahlsson's one. That's one boy I feel really sorry for. He gets excellent scoring chances but never seems to take advantage of them, and here he should have gotten one and then it didn't count.

Oh happy fic day. Sauer took a penalty defending JS. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

I'm wondering if the Wild really are the Borg, or some form of it. It's suspicious how many of them have dark brown hair and blue eyes. They seemed depressed and frustrated tonight. I hope the Ducklings sweep them, otherwise they could prove to be really tough to beat after that. And I should just shut up now.

I'm fucking delirious. I should just quit while I'm ahead.

This weekend? I'm looking for doctors. This sleep thing is getting ridiculous.

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resistance is futile.

does that mean that Paul is Captain Janeway?

*dies* I don't know that the hairstyle would suit him ...

*shrieks* Is JS seven-of-nine???

*smirks* might make a good redhead.

but of course. Although I think he might need some major implants. *ponders*

Chistov would be a good Harry, but... hm. B'Elanna.

Well, JS does have major padding. :P

the power of fic yo!! *grin*

Okay all the cute hot guys on the Ducks and my very favourite paul aside I am so in love with Stumpy and Oates *ggg* It's liek stand them next to Petr and he is clearly the better looking and thuddish of them but Id be like Steve adam I think I am losing my mind :P

*hugs you tight*

Chip describes it as being very "occult".

Ahh, I am too shallow to like Oates, but I really like Stumpy. :) Petr is pretty, but if not for his dorkiness and slapshot, I'd be like *yawn*

*hugs* Thanks. :)

BTW, sorry my connection cut out last night. Some upgrade or something on my ISP side. *comforts your trauma*

*ggg* perhaps he is right!

*giggles* Oates is another oe of the guys I have dug since I was like 13. it never goes away *g*

*nods* I agree about Petr he'd be another vacant pretty boy if not for the personality :)


no prob I figured you were having connection issues :)

Well, my first exposure to Oates was Flan!fic, and that wasn't very flattering, so maybe that affected things. *giggle*

Yeah, it never goes away. :)

*giggles* yes that would do it :)

YAY for new fic! I'm gonna go home and read :D
Good luck with the sleeping thing, mine were pretty fudged up before too.

I read! So, so, SO cool! You rock!

*blush* Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it. :)

I actually have control over the entire NHL.

Purely for gambling purposes.

I'm a very successful bookie.

So you're responsible for the Sharks this season! *launches ferocious attack*


*holds up Vesa as human shield*

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