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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We have a GM

So our new GM is Doug Wilson. I'll have to admit I don't really know anything about him, except that he's one of our own. In some ways, I kind of would almost prefer someone from the outside, someone who didn't experience the trauma of this season. *giggle* Oh well, good luck. *starts weeping*

Here's a sign I've been observing JS for too long. He does the exact same thing every time there's a stoppage in play. Skates away from his crease, holding his stick upside down, knocks it on the ice a couple of times while looking up at the scoreboard. JS, don't you know the score? Anyway, he seems to do this every time. It's almost as if they're playing stock footage. *giggle*

I have enough sleep! *cackles insanely* Oh dear, I'm actually excited to go to work. But I sort of am. I have to like think and design stuff at work, and I'm awful at it if I don't have enough sleep. Just think up one bone-headed approach after another to tackle the problem.

Ahh, Tammy rocks. I am now armed with Ducklings game summaries! :D

[Edit: Frala's tape still hasn't arrived. :( Chip thinks the dog sled handed the tape over to some polar bears.]

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mae!!!! You guys didnt steal our assistant gm *hugs* Im very happy for you and ver happy the canucks stil have dave :D

*rages* I need to kill canada post :(

*hugs* I kind of wanted him, Barry said nice things about him last night. *giggle*

I hope the tape is just late, not lost! Eep!

*grin* both guys would have been great I bet :)

ahhh me too :(

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