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Fear my leet Javascript skillz!

I finally messed around with my fic website a bit so it isn't just plain text, which is what it was for a long time because I was mainly using it for archiving purposes. All the formatting, fonts, colors, etc are done with a stylesheet so if I get bored I can just change that one file to change the look of the pages.

I also changed the way I'm doing the series pages. Now all the parts of a fic load on one page, but each part is hidden/shown as necessary. Haven't finished converting all the series yet though, just a couple of them. This way it's easy to go from part to part without having to reload the page. Who am I kidding? Actually, I'm just too lazy to create a new page for each part of a fic. :)

Ducklings playing tomorrow! I'll have to post Arkora fluff to the list. Although it's A-Line stuff, not Ducklings stuff. Yes, I just can't let go. They were so good together! *cries*

I have improved my sluttiness. I am now up to 20 teams. *raises arms in victory*
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