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The Invincible M.A.E.

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OT Boy!

That's his new nickname for the playoffs I think, since he's only scored OT goals and no more PP goals. *loves Petr so much*

Ahh, the announcers called Petr "slippery" and "shifty", and they called Adam Oates and Petr "hand and glove". *weeps* No! Petr is Whore's glove! But yeah, Petr. I was so proud of how he played today, I mean, he didn't suck. *giggle* He wasn't responsible for turnovers, he took one penalty but it wasn't a bad one, he had good scoring chances, did pretty well with them, and he made some good plays! I can't help but feel if he tried just a little bit more he would be fucking awesome, but I can't really complain today. And I still love his slapshot. :)

Oh yeah, and that beautiful goal. *swoons*

What was up with the announcer saying that Larry Robinson wore Petr's jersey "in memory" of him? You say that when someone's dead. They had the camera on him at the time, and he frowned, as if he'd heard what they said. :P

I'm really excited about writing JS!fic and the Coyotes!fic, haven't been this excited in a long time. *hops*

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OT boy *giggles* that works. *cuddles him*

I was in the grocery store and they were showing the Ducks/Wild game on a tv there. When I was picking out a loaf of bread they scored and I nearly chucked the bread into the air while squealing. I got a lot of strange looks from the other shoppers ;D *mauls Petr*

ROFL! Dude I think I would have squished the loaf of bread to bits while squealing and jumping and down. Then I would have put the loaf back while nobody was looking.

I was so incredibly excited and proud when he scored. :D

LoL! Luckily I managed to salvage the bread ;D

Eeeee, I was so excited and making a fool of myself! *g* :D


Ahh, I would have been worse I think! :)

One of our teammates couldn't make a game so we put a banana in the middle of our stretching circle in memory of her. Woody was like, "Dude! She's not dead! Stop mourning her."

That's what I would have said!

Petr Sykora kicks.ass.

I wanted to claim him at hockey_claims but unfortunately someone took him. =( I claimed Giggy instead.

YAY to the Ducks for kickin' the Wild ass!

He's awesome. Sadly, one of the things I like the most about him is that he's a dork. :)

And hey, JS is awesome too. :D

*cheers Ducklings*

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