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Thank you, obsessed fans everywhere!

I am so writing Shane Doan for the challenge. There's a great website for him with lots of articles which I'm going to read, umm, after I finish my current two fics. *coughs* From my 30-second scan of the website, I have concluded that he is a Christian cowboy. As for the partner, hmm, that's not so obvious to me. It would be nice if, as I read the articles, I come across something like, "Oh, I'm madly in love with (teammate)!" Or possibly pictures of him mauling someone. But anything subtle works too. *giggle* Another Albertan farmboy. :)

So inspired to write lately. I blame Tammy.

I'm kind of glad there's not going to be hockey over the summer. I'm a weak person, and if there's a game on, I'd end up staying home and watching it instead of going hiking, which is lovely, and makes me happy. *spontaneous outburst of love for the Bay Area* It's so gorgeous. Purisima Creek, here I come!

Need to get passport, to avoid lame situation where I say, "Sorry, I couldn't make it to your wedding in Italy because I was too lazy to get a new passport." Umm, to kind of excuse myself a bit, I'm not a US citizen, and there's many things involved, like having to get a police report, and get fingerprinted, and do a statutory declaration and who knows what else. *scowls at lazy-ass Alex who got his FedExed to him in like one day* *scowls at Alex again for losing my passport*
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