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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Still stunned

So ... other stuff. Camille and Jenny the Preds Fan's challenge made me think about how many teams I've written about, and I counted, and it's 17. Yeah, 17. More than half the league. Can you say team slut? 9 West teams and 8 East teams, which is weird, because I thought I'd be more tilted towards the West. *shrugs*

I'm glad I got the Coyotes, they're one of the teams I've never written about. I like Shane Doan so I'll probably write him with one of their goalies? *thinks* I guess I'll have to do some research.

Sports hurts. Yeah, you'd think being a Sharks fan this season would have been the most depressing thing of all, but they were just off from the start of the season. It was kind of spread out, and it's not like I couldn't tell towards the end of the season that they weren't going to make it to the playoffs. But to see the Canucks season end like that so abruptly was just ... gah, I wasn't going to talk about this.

*goes back to writing*

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Welcome to my world.

If the star up there is numb, why is it crying? Or does it just not feel its tears adn thus is still numb?

*huddles with you and shares ice cream*

Good point! It should be, umm, frozen in place
looking shell-shocked!

Sports hurts.

Yeah... they really, really do :(

But you know, all the hurting makes the winning SO much sweeter. I promise *hugs*. It's worth it.

*whispers* I wish there was switching because I would totally takes the Yotes if you don't want them... I got the poopey Isles.

I'm glad I follow only hockey, lol.

You know, the great moments far outnumbered the bad. As much as the Sharks season sucked, I did enjoy it. :)

*giggle* I was a bit bummed you got the Isles cos' you'd written them before (and what a story, *moment of amazement*)

*hugs tight* It did seem kinda abrupt :( *loves*

ahhhhh I should count up my teams too *g*

AJ will love you forever if you write Shane Doan *gg* She was liek I hope I get the COyotes so I can write kelly and Shane *ggg*

*hugs more* :( *is sad*

*cuddles* I guess an elimination game is always abrupt, by definition. *sniffles*

*giggle* You should! I'm curious to know how many you've written. :P

I am so writing Shane Doan! There's an awesome fan site for him with lots of articles and stuff. I was tentatively thinking him and Boucher, but if anyone stands out in the articles I'm gonna write them instead.

*hugs* *reminds self they had an awesome season*

*sniffles* yeah

*g* I am so gonna :)

he rocks!!!!

*remids me of that too* and tries not to scream at people :P

Canucks had a terrific regular season, and I am so happy about that :)
Things could've been better in the playoffs. I'm proud of the effort they put forth in the Blues series. Plus, they also showed a lot of heart in the 1st 4 games in this series. I wish they could've gone to the WCF, but its ok. They'll do much better next time :)

Atleast they made it to round 2 and came so close to going to the WCF. The Wings just ripped my heart out and stomped on it turn by turn *sigh*

Ah, moving on.

Yeah, every year it seems like they're getting better. Hopefully they learned from this. :)

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