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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh wow

Ack, so emotional right now. Just watched the Stars/Ducklings game and burst into tears in the final minute of the game. This has been such a conflicted series for me. I thought that the Stars would win, but I had so much love for the Ducklings, and ... gah, yeah, well, tears answers everything for me, I think. Ducklings better fucking go win the Cup now. *smooches them*

Big huge hugs to flanneryflyer, vivelegardien, tamiflu and fetisha.

Was very stunned by the Wild/Canucks game. *sigh* I hope this gives them a big kick in the ass for the next game.

Ducklings vs Wild in conference finals? Ha, no conflict there. None whatsoever. Ducklings vs Canucks? *weeps* But Ducklings still get the love.

Petr actually played well last night, I didn't scream at him every five minutes. Made my heart swell. He got smacked down by Whore. Maybe Whore doesn't like the whole chocolate ducklings thing, considering he tossed Paul in the last game. ;)

Eep, still emotional and heading to work. *deep breaths* Okay, I'm going.

Psst, Lira, think any of the Ducks home games will fall on a weekend? :)

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*cuddles you*

*licks petr*


Yum, I think he has some chocolate on him. :)

Oh, that's Paul's fault. *coughs*

Aww thanks. Good luck to your Ducks! ;c)

*Sniff* Thanks Mae...

And I'll SOOOOO be quacking with you all spring! 'Lil Jigger is too awesome.

They played some really awesome games, I really enjoyed watching them. Even though they eliminated the Leafs. *hugs*

*quack* Jigga is awesome. *sighs* Don't have a crush on him anymore but I still really like him. He's pretty tall actually! Seems taller than 6'1" in person.

*cuddles the ducklings* They sure done good ;D

Dude, the Canucks need to worry about getting their asses out of round two before even thinking about round three *giggles*

But I'll be happy for the Ducks no matter what *quacks* ;D

They did! *sniffle*

They just need to focus and work together. They're a better team than the Wild and they want it enough, or they should anyway. *hopes*

*giggle* *quacks too* *cuddles them to death*

Hi :D

Good luck to the Ducks. I was pulling for them against the Stars. But if they end up playing the Canucks in the WCF (and I hope they do *prays*), I'm going for the Canucks =P

Hey there. :)

*cuddles them* I'm taking it one round at a time and cheering so madly for the Canucks right now! (But will be cheering for the Ducks in the next round. :P)

If the Canucks win this round *gives them not-so-gentle prod* and the next, they get my full support, though. :D

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