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Oh wow

Ack, so emotional right now. Just watched the Stars/Ducklings game and burst into tears in the final minute of the game. This has been such a conflicted series for me. I thought that the Stars would win, but I had so much love for the Ducklings, and ... gah, yeah, well, tears answers everything for me, I think. Ducklings better fucking go win the Cup now. *smooches them*

Big huge hugs to flanneryflyer, vivelegardien, tamiflu and fetisha.

Was very stunned by the Wild/Canucks game. *sigh* I hope this gives them a big kick in the ass for the next game.

Ducklings vs Wild in conference finals? Ha, no conflict there. None whatsoever. Ducklings vs Canucks? *weeps* But Ducklings still get the love.

Petr actually played well last night, I didn't scream at him every five minutes. Made my heart swell. He got smacked down by Whore. Maybe Whore doesn't like the whole chocolate ducklings thing, considering he tossed Paul in the last game. ;)

Eep, still emotional and heading to work. *deep breaths* Okay, I'm going.

Psst, Lira, think any of the Ducks home games will fall on a weekend? :)
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