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Hockey withdrawal

Eep, no games today! However will I survive? ;)

Had a BBQ at home yesterday and stuffed my face. Also turned completely red on like 2 ounces of wine. *sigh* Not enough sleep + haven't been drinking for a long time will do that. The guys started doing shots of many things and became increasingly incoherent so I made my escape and went to sleep. Could I possibly have a hangover? How lame would that be? Okay I think it might just be lack of sleep (again).

*twitches from withdrawal* I really hope the Canucks can win their game tomorrow and close the series at home. They can totally do it as long as they don't sit back, and I don't think they will. Everyone keeps expecting Cechmanek to be awesome tomorrow, which is all fine and good as long as the Flyers themselves don't take it for granted that he will be. When you fall into the trap of expecting to win, then ... *points at Avs*

Stars and Ducklings. *sigh* Don't keep me up tonight, okay? I need the sleep. *checks self for uneasy feelings* Hmm, I do have some. Or is that just a hangover? Blah. Oh, and JS is getting married June 21st to Kristen(?), which they pointed out during the game because it's after the SCF. ;) I wonder how long until they have a little flock of ducklings. *giggle*

Arkora makes me smile.

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