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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Something bracing to start the day with ...

I took the bus to work today, and as I was looking out the window into the car next to the bus, motion caught my eye.

Emerging from the driver's sensible attire of shirt and pants was something being flopped back and forth rapidly.

Oh wait, that's a dick.

But he's totally limp, which is odder to me than if he was having some fun on his way to work. On the busiest street in San Francisco, no less.

Our eyes meet through his moon roof for a moment as the bus drives off.

I dissolve into a minor fit of giggles. The man sitting in front of me turns his head, dismisses me as another insane commuter, and faces front again.

That incident should have disturbed me more than it did. I'm still amused.

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Heehee, thats so funny! Once coming back from a field hockey game in the car next to us, was a completely naked middle aged man jerking off. NAKED. What is it with men and cars? :)

Completely naked??? I hope it was summertime!

Yes, it was a very warm day :)

Ahh, that makes it okay. Wait, no, it doesn't. It's never okay! Middle-aged man ... eek! *traumatized*

LOL, yeah I know. It would've been okay if he was young and cute... but he so wasn't.

Dude, I would have been amused too. My friend and I were driving past a house at night and we happened to look over just in time to see completely naked middle aged guy coming down a flight of stairs. Left his blinds wide open and just comes down the stairs like that. We promptly died laughing. The funniest part? We have each seperately seen the same guy do this in the past. Now, of course, we gotta look for it if we go by there because that's how sick we are.

What is it with middle aged men and naked?? >_

*giggle* I'm only 27 and I've given up caring about what other people think of me a lot of the time. I can only imagine it's even more extreme for them :P

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