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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Go Canucks!

Ahh, fucking cable! *rages at Comcast* Thanks for being dead during the entire game. *sniffle* But, I'm still happy because the Canucks won!!! Came from behind twice against the Wild. *heart swells with love* I actually cried when they tied the game. *giggle* I really hope they get to win the next one at home. :)

Ducklings/Stars tomorrow, eep. I feel really uneasy about that game.

*sighs* Completely missed the Bolts/Devils game too. Y'all did good, little Bolts! *hugs them*

Oh, and American Gods by Neil Gaiman is an awesome book. :D It gave me a lot of inspiration.

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That is a great book. Gaiman rocks.

American Gods is great. Have you read Good Omens? I loved that one :)

*shrieks* Good Omens had me giggling pretty much from start to finish! That was the first book I read by him (I only knew him through comics up to that point).

I've never read the comics *ducks* but that was the first book I read of his too.

See, as I was reading American Gods, every now and then when I read this especially ... crisp(?) description, I was like, "Yup, the comic book experience at work."

Comics really kind of hone the writer's skill at writing really concise impact descriptions I think (just because of space considerations), part of why I like them so much.

Oops, I went off on my "comics are wonderful" spiel again. :P

*nods* I can understand that. I just haven't had the chance to see if I can find them yet.

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