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He's not hunky, but he has other qualities that Chip likes!

I feel good today, for absolutely no reason. Well not at the moment, since the Canucks are down 2-1 in the 3rd to the Wild. *sniffle* But I felt good enough to be all giggly and insane at work, maybe it was the news from my sister. :)

CHIP: Wow, all the Ducks are actually pretty good!
MAE: Yup.
CHIP: Except for Petr, who's sitting on the bench fresh as an April flower.
MAE: Yup.
CHIP: I'll bet he even smells good.
MAE: What?
CHIP: Okay, that sounded wrong.
MAE: He doesn't smell good, doesn't smell of anything.
CHIP: Oh, and you would know. Duck slut!

I'm inspired today. Bad Arkora fluff, here I come! :D
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