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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Did last night really happen?

*checks camera for pictures* Umm, last night really happened! *thud*

So umm, where to start? How about warm-ups? Scruffy!Mo, Whore so close you could see the individual links on his pimp chain (and without his pesky helmet, so not looking challenged), Hatcher humping ice (Fine! I admit it! I think he's hot! *cries*), Matvichuk with pretty eyeliner eyes.

The game. *sigh* I kind of had the feeling that the Ducklings were going to lose. And I was pretty sleep-deprived. (One day, Tammy, you will see me when I'm not impaired! Such times exist, really! :D ) And the fucking stupid inflatable sticks that people smack together were fucking driving me nuts. Those things are so fucking annoying. If we ever get them at the Tank I am never going to a game again. All they are is ... loud. There's like no spirit behind them, like everyone might as well be sitting down clapping politely. I want to hear screaming and shouting and cheering. So ... I couldn't really get into the game. And Petr was mostly useless again, although I guess I shouldn't expect him to win physical battles with Hatcher. ;) Whore was great. I think at one point he was so tired he fell on his ass, but made the effort to clear the zone.

I wish the Ducklings had won, though I'm happy for Tammy and Caat. And I'm still somewhat conflicted about the series, although less so now. Especially because ...

*shrieks* We got to see so many Ducklings! Okay, the Pond is a fucking stalkers' paradise. Seriously. There were only like what ... 20? 30? people waiting for autographs. That's insane! And they were all so mellow, too, and like ... the players come over and go to everyone to sign stuff and have their picture taken and stuff. How fucking cool is that? *weeps*

Anyway, this one guy who is like the pro came over and told us about the "tunnel" that the Stars come out of so we walked over and we saw the Stars come out but none of them walked out to meet like the ... 10? Stars fans hanging around there. :( They kind of waved from a distance when they got onto the bus but didn't when the bus passed by. Only Tippett waved, lol. Razor signed Tammy's program. All I could think when I was looking at him was his obsession with Whore's stick. Thanks, fetisha.

So we had substantially more luck with the Ducklings. Dear God he had his arms around us! Sorry, jumping ahead. Couldn't recognize most of the Ducklings. Eep. *shrieks* Chistov was the first one I got really excited about. He looks really great IRL. I think maybe I liked his shortness and dark hair and shyness. :P I wanted to bring him home.

Ahh, JS!!! *weeps* He's so fucking nice! Like ridiculously nice! He was so patient and friendly and polite and sweet and I just melted. I'm still all giddy thinking about it. He was taller than I thought he would be. *peers up at him*

Petr Petr pumpkin eater! He's really gorgeous. Tammy asked him about PJ. He said something about PJ being eaten by the dog. Or something like that. I really hope he was joking! He was kind of in a rush to go, I think. As Tammy said, hurrying to meet Jason. ;)

Umm yeah, so I was more excited about JS than Petr. I don't know why, maybe because Petr's been sucking ass a lot of the time in the playoffs? Or maybe cos' I like him so much it was just too surreal to actually have met him?

Gah! So anyway, that was a pretty fucking awesome night. And I actually have 2 pictures to prove it! And several horrible pics of Stars players from behind. Will post when I get home.

*loves Caat and Tammy*

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*whaps you with thunderstick*

I wanna go next time tooooooooooooooooooooo.

But seriously... *HUGS* I am so glad you guys had such an awesome time! That sounds like such a WONDERFUL trip... PLEASE tell me you're going to share pics with all of us when you're done!

...now have a very safe trip home, please :)

Dude those things fucking suck!!! *shakes fist*

I want you to come too!!! *teleports you*

*hugs* Ahh, it was awesome! Working on uploading pics. :P

Back home safely. :)

Eee! So glad you had fun!!!! I so can't wait to see the pictures :)

Thanks, Chrissy!!! Uploading the 2 now. :P

AHHHHHH *explodes* Holy I am so giddy just reading you must ahve exploded several times *squiggle*

ohh yummy stars. *pets jason*

Ohhh a stalkers paradise eh? :D

Ahhh I can see how meeting petr would be sort of surreal *squeaks* Ahhh I am so glad you had so much fun and got to see them all so close adn stuff and pcitures!!!! *hoppity* I am all giddy for you :D *cuddles*

Dude, it was so surreal and insane and incredible. Actually, it's still surreal and insane and incredible.

Jason was very yummy, and when he doesn't have his helmet on, he looks very happy and unchallenged.

Totally stalkers' paradise. Probably won't be next season, though. :P

He was really cute, though. :) I'm glad I didn't go insane. Ahh, it was so fucking awesome! *loves Ducklings even more now*

*grin* definitely wont be next year lol

*pets unchallengend Jason*

ahhh Im so glad

Hahaah... damn why didn't you get me a RAZOR siggy?

I'm sad now.

I'm glad I could warped your mind, sweety. [grins]

*giggle* Sorry, couldn't think much, or rather ... at all, come to think of it. :P

If you camped out after Stars games, I'm sure you could get one from him. :)

::cries:: I -hiccup!- want -hiccup!- sexy -hiccup!- Ducklings to -hiccup!- hug me! ::sobs:: I'm glad you had fun. We mustn't discuss it, but should a certain thing come to pass, perhaps I will have my chance.


Dude! Next season we should watch a Ducklings game and stay after to molest them!

Oh wow, it sounds like you had a blast. JS, the Whore and prettyPetr :))

Can't wait to see the pics. Safe trip home *ggg*

*grin* Glad you had a great time :)))

ahhhh *stabs you with a spork*

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