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The Invincible M.A.E.

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OT playoff hockey kills even more

Not enough sleep and feeling nauseous. Woo!

Was pleasantly surprised by the first period of Flyers/Sens last night. That was a really strange game. It was all Flyers, then all Sens, then all Flyers again, etc and the game didn't really settle into a given "feel" with teams taking turns to attack. Next game should be more consistent, I hope!

Oh man, so fucking proud of the Canucks last night! Coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win one in OT after that disallowed goal (well there were two, but the high stick one obviously shouldn't have counted), just shows so much character. *sighs* I shrieked COOKIE so loud when he scored! And Chip called Klatt to score in OT, even though he had no idea who he was before this game! I called Mo, just because. :)

Chip had a hockey player lookalike sighting yesterday. We're walking along and suddenly he yells "Foppa!" and we are right next to this guy who looks marginally like Foppa, who, in Chip's opinion is "a blue-eyed mountain man, somewhat strange, looks like he doesn't care for humanity at all".

Alex has expanded on his "bum empire" business plan (wherein you control a horde of bums and extort money from them), he decided that they should turn the elementary school's playground into a parking lot at night, since we're in a prime parking location, and have bums collect money.

Umm, Lira, where are you? Call me please. *clings*

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*hugs* *shriek* Alex is an evil genius... or something *gg*

I picked Reid in ot just cause he is soooo due. *hugs them all* I was soo proud of them too, this team before would ahve folded and given up but they've really gorwn up and fight back and *squiggles* I loves them.

ROFL a blue-eyed mountain man, somewhat strange, looks like he doesn't care for humanity at all". I chocked on my five alive when I read that :D

He's evil all right.

Dude, Reid was doing awesome! I was impressed with him. :)

Hehe I also forgot to mention that he said "sociopath" as well.


He's great, Todd called him little Brandon Reid the other day *ggg*

Ahhhhh scociopath works too *g*

Ahhh, I shrieked "Cookie!" too and scared my cats *giggles*

btw, I had a dream with Peter Sykora in it last night; the ducklings are taking over my brain! *ggg* ;)

It's just so fun to scream that isn't it? :)

Ahh, what was the dream about???

It is, it is ;)

I can't remember really what it was about, I just remember waking up and thinking, "Peter Sykora? How'd he get in there?" *grin* *pets the ducklings* :)

I want to dream about him! *jealous* :)

LoL! *sends you Sykora vibes* ;D

That sounds strangely exciting. :)

*licks your icon* Indeed ;) *g*

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