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Petr Sykora Q&A

So there is a Petr Sykora Q&A thingie on today. I asked something vague about Whore, I think. Told Chip about it and he came up with some sample questions, like have you slept with other men? I pointed out that that question wouldn't be likely to be asked. So he decided to modify it slightly to have you been intimate with other men?. Hmm, I still don't know whether that would go over well. Finally he suggested are you jealous of Teemu Selanne for being Paul Kariya's one true love and making it impossible for you to get a shot with Paul?

Ahh, I so love Chip. :) And he didn't even know about the chocolate ducklings Petr/Paul that I wrote!

Umm yeah, so, in for a penny for a pound, I guess. Go Flyers! Go Canucks! Go Bolts! Go Ducklings! It's not like I can't handle losing after the season the Sharks had. ;)

And a big tackle-hug for Tammy. Just because. :)
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