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Dinner of the Outcasts

One thing cool about being an outcast is being able to bond with other outcasts.

Tonight me and Chip had dinner with three other family outcasts and it was incredible. I don't think we stopped laughing the entire meal, sharing stories about the pride of traditional Asian parents, and how it leads to their estrangement from their children. Okay maybe described like that it doesn't sound funny, but it was. Because after all, it's absurd to hate somebody for their skin color, isn't it? (Me, my sister and my mother's cousin's daughter are all with non-Chinese men)

Hmm, and from the Sharks site: "I'll probably play Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday," said Sundstrom.

Please oh please oh please let him be there on Wednesday. Oh and my boys Sturm and the lesbian are kicking ass in pre-season games. Cheers for the doghouse line. *grin* And Chip agreed to stalk Thorty with me. Isn't he sweet?

Naztuzzi pics from frala have fed the Naztuzzi bunnies and given them little rubs on their furry tummies so I've written a little bit of Descendant. Time for sleep now. *yawn*

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