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It had to end

Hey, you can't win every one right?

First of all, congrats to flanneryflyer, vivelegardien on the Flyers winning the series. This was an awesome series, it should have been the ECF though. :P If the Leafs had to lose, then I'm glad they lost to a good team like that, and ... wah!!! *clings to Leafs*

After that, I was sad and I thought both my teams were going to lose. Couldn't have been more wrong.

I picked 7 out of 8 of the Round 1 winners, including the two big upsets in the West. It's not as if I was just blindly rooting for the underdog or anything, I didn't particularly like the Wild before the series. I just thought their style of play was gonna beat the Avs, and I thought it did throughout the series except that Roy single-handedly won three games, pretty much. I'm really impressed they came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series though, shows a lot of tenacity.

Canucks!!! *leaps into frala's arms* Guess the band of love worked? :) *heart swells with love and joy* Coming back 3-1 in thisseries was an even bigger battle. I'm so glad they got the chance to prove that they wouldn't just roll over and die, that Cloutier showed what a great goalie he is, that Natuzzison got to bust out. And I hope the media stop harping on Nazzy's "we choked" comment. But yeah, I'm so happy for them, makes the Leafs' loss a little less painful. *sniffle*

Was hoping for another Natuzzison natural hat trick when Nazzy scored right after Mo, but it was a Naslinson natural hat trick instead, which is fine by me! :)

This lack of sleep thing is really getting to me. Last night Chip kept bugging me and talking to me even though I kept telling him to go away (well to his side of the bed :P) and finally I just burst into tears and started wailing about how I've been exhausted for over a week and it's horrible, blah blah blah, thus proving that the lack of sleep has been getting to me. ;) Eep!

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