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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Broken record

Umm yeah, another great hockey day. :) I can't believe both of those games went to OT!

My awesome reasoning for why the Wild would win: they have great fans and they needed to win one at home. I should be an ESPN analyst, eh?

Actually, maybe I shouldn't, because it looks to me like the Wild outplayed the Avs the past 4 games of the series. The difference? Roy was insane in Game 3 and Game 4. If he's not insane, the Wild win.

*weeps* I only taped enough to watch the first OT! I was so terrified to check nhl.com and I shrieked madly when I saw the final score. They were just so awesome throughout the whole first OT, so many great chances and they came on and so strong and they totally deserved to win that game.

Oh damn, I'm tired. *bites nails* *kisses Canucks and Blues* *cheers Wild politely* I'm going to be dead tomorrow.

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Thing with Toronto is they couldn't hit the net to save their lives. It's Janne-itis. He gave it to everyone in Edmonton, and then he escaped to New York but now he gave it to CS and he's spreading it across the team and now they're never going to shoot on net and... and...

Um, I'll shut up now.

Doh!!! Yeah it did seem like they had so many "okay this is the end of the game" moments, didn't it? So glad the Leafs didn't get robbed on that one.

*nods* definitely. I was shrieking by the end. And ready to go kick some Chechmanek ass. Grr.

I can understand why he gives Flannery ulcers, though. I'd be terrified if he was my goalie. :P

*shudders* like that kick save. you're SO SURE it's in and somehow he keeps it out. grr.

I know! I was like, did somebody put up a force field or something? LOL!

*grumbles* *hoists spork and goes goalie hunting*

*giggle* Please bring back a Roy!

On second thought, please don't.

*shriek* ohhh *hugs* damn evil tape *ggg*

*bites nails* *bands together in canuck / leaf love*

*explodes* Man I can liek feel my blood movig through my veins I am so hyper, *drinks more diet pop* *bounces* lol

I'm so hyper too, and I don't watch the games until I get home at like 8PM! Eep!!!

*cuddles you tightly*

*ggg* ahhhhh *hopes you have good things to watch*


I hope so too! *heart attack* I am even excited about the Wild/Avs game, lol!

I cant get up about that one even though I was squealing madly at the tv last night lol

*giggle* Yeah I'm not so much excited now but I think I will be when I watch the game. *shrieks* The Wild used to be so boring, what happened?

Dude I dunno but it was exciting *boggle*

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