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Oh happy hockey day!

*hops up and down excitedly*

Umm yeah the Caps outshot the Bolts insanely but my perception was that the Bolts were in charge of the game the whole way through. Maybe because Khabi was on, like you just knew they weren't in danger most of the time. And the Bolts D was good too making things difficult for them. The Bolts didn't have as many shots but they had awesome chances and Olie made fucking awesome saves. Khabi made incredible saves too.

The Bolts looked like they were nervous again this game because they had the chance to win, which tends seems to be the tougher situation for them to play in. But they shook it off and they got as good as they could be.

Man, how sweet was it that Midgy got the GWG from Vinny! Midgy to Vinny to Midgy. So fucking perfect and he so deserved that too. He totally deserved a penalty shot too but it's all good cos' they won the series.

God how happy was I to see the Canucks taking a 4-1 lead? But I knew that the Blues would bring it on in the third, especially when the Canucks played a half-hearted power play to start out the period. *shudders* But they hung on for the win! *shrieks and explodes with love*

How high am I right now? *giggle*

Finished writing Chrissy's birthday fic and I'm convinced that it helped the Bolts win. Well, actually I'm not but I was already pretty convinced they would win. The Canucks I was more scared for, but they played like the Canucks. :)

Eep, Flyers/Leafs tomorrow. :(

Trevor interview at the intermission. Curls gone wild! Teehee!

Nazzy interview after the game! Curls gone wild again! *insane*

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