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Another good hockey day!

*hugs to all the Oilers fans* That was a great series, the Oilers played many spirited games and the Edmonton fans were really cool.

Well, it was mostly a good hockey day. *peers at Leafs* Stars won the series so that means we'll be watching them play the Ducklings in Anaheim. Petr vs Whore! Well, hopefully Whore, still don't know what his injury is. :( I actually cheered for the Wild today. Great, that makes, what, only three teams left in the NHL I don't like? *shakes head*

Loved the slow mo spanking. Hatcher cross-checks someone, Comrie cross-checks him, Turco smacks him on the back of his knee. It was like a little spanking daisy chain. *giggle* Speaking of Hatcher, I was truly terrified by his little facial tic fit. *hides*

Oilers played really well from the second period on. Played hard, got lots of chances and stuff. Announcers were like so shocked that the Wild beat the Avs. Umm, why? Previous two games the Wild played at least as good as the Avs it's just that Roy was insanely good (as usual). There's a goalie who wins games single-handedly for his team. *coughs* But then, I haven't been watching hockey for that long so maybe I don't know shit. :P

Feel so weird and blah. Maybe it's hockey overload. :)
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