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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mmm, hockey ...

*jumps up and down*

*shrieks* What an awesome hockey day! *bursts with joy*

The Bolts just look better and better with every game. I remember in Game 3 they seemed to be scrambly defensively and they managed to win that one, thanks to Vinny and Midgy, but I was kind of surprised to se that. Well, they were much better than that in today's game, there was a steady improvement, and offensively they seem more confident too. That is so incredibly awesome!!! I hope they can stay calm and focused and win Game 6 because they are certainly capable of doing it. :D

Canucks!!! *explodes with love* Oh man, all of Natuzzison scored! One after the other too, it was like a Natuzzison natural hat trick! *giggles insanely* I'm just so happy to see them bust out after being shut down the whole series. I hope they can carry the momentum with them into St. Louis. *cuddles them all*

Oh, and I think Nazzy needs to spank Todd for taking so many penalties. *coughs*

Gonna try and buy tickets for round 2 tomorrow, the tickets I have for home game 3 aren't valid for that. :( It's so strange that the Ducklings aren't under the radar anymore.