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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Awake way too early again. *bangs head on keyboard*

Ooh, only two games tonight and I get them both. *sends much love to Bolts and Canucks*

Okay, I was a retard last night. I watch all my games after they're finished because I tape them and I work late. For whatever reason, I got the impression that the Stars lost their game. So I was watching it and it was like halfway through the 3rd and they had a 4-0 lead and I was like, "They blew a 4-0 lead? Holy crap!"

Then it got nearer to the end of the game and I was like, "No, okay there's no way they could have lost this!" After which the Oilers score two goals and I get all nervous again. So yeah, I'm a retard.

Good God, were the Oilers this physical during the season? *blinks rapidly* I mean, I love physical play, heck I love the Leafs, but the Oilers were so ... dirty. Yeah, this coming from a major Leafs fan. As it turns out though, it seems errant pucks did the most damage (to both teams).

Ugh, I don't think I can write Laraque in Descendant anymore (yes, that which I haven't written for like six months, anyway) after that slash to Turco last night. Like other stuff he's done in the series has been questionable, but that right there was pretty much crystal clear.

What happened to Whore? *whines*

I'm so sick of this insomnia I think I'm going to cry.

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*huggles* insomnia sucks :(

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