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First of all, big hugs to all my Wings LJ friends. You are all wonderful, gracious fans and a credit to your team.

So I'm going to hide behind this cut now for an exuberant Ducklings celebration.

Oh wow, I guess I'm not fucking insane for ranting and raving for a month that if the Ducklings met the Wings in the playoffs they'd beat them. I freaked out so badly when I found out they'd be meeting them in the playoffs.

OMG OMG OMG!!! *tackles Ducklings fiercely* I'm so proud of them for staying calm and playing their game and not freaking out the whole game. And even after that GTG was scored by Feds they still stayed calm, and into the OT too. Didn't freak out (like me :P) and make bad mistakes or try to be too aggressive or any of that. That must be so fucking hard.

It is so awesome that the GWG was Carney to Rucchin, cos' those two have been so awesome throughout the series. Like JS rocks, but when he doesn't get the rebound, like 90% of the time his defense is there for him to clear it. And they made it really hard for the Wings to enter the zone and just kept up the pressure and stuff. JS is definitely awesome, has been all season, but the team as a whole has been really good defensively.

I am so fucking happy right now. *cries*

And according to Lira's friend, because I bought tickets for "Home Game 3" they are valid for the next home game in the playoffs? I will have to check with Ticketmaster.

Still hyper. *tells self to settle down* Sad about Leafs and Canucks. Didn't get to watch those games but heard that Canucks played well, and that Belfour was awesome, but Flyers basically dominated the game.

Playoff hockey? Still killing me. *faints*

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