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The Invincible M.A.E.

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David vs. Goliath

Oh, a hysterical moment from last night's Stars/Oilers game. There was a scrum in front of the net at first and Hatcher was in the middle of it (yeah, business as usual) when I noticed that the guy going after him was 89. That was also when I noticed how midget-like he looked. *giggle* When that 6'8" linesman came over to break things out, Chip went into a laughing fit because he had Comrie in his armpit. Bwahaha!

Actually, just Comrie going after Hatcher is funny enough.

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Are you talking about at the end of the game, AFTER the whistles blew, Comrie tried to slew foot Hatcher? lol, I have no idea what that kid was thinking. Edmonton needs to cut that shit after the whistle out though. It is seriously pissing me off. It's like..you lost the game, move on. Dont' pull that, "oh, i'm losing, let me kill you so you dont' make it past the 2nd round" attitude. I mean, there is something seriously wrong with a ref skates over to Derian at the end and tells him that he knows what the Oilers are trying to do. Derian shouldn't have to stand their and get whacked in the face b/c he's afraid of getting suspended for two games. Grrrrr.. arg. /rant

I'm not sure when it was, they had a clip on NHL2Night. What is a slew foot?

Comrie can reach Hatcher's face? :P

Slew foot is when you go behind a guy and put your leg at his knee and then push him so he falls down.

Comrie's head can reach his armpit.

*giggle* Thanks for explaining that! One day in junior college everyone ran around doing that to everyone else. We were so mature.

*pictured Hatcher grabbing Comrie and giving him fierce noogies*

actually... Coms took down Hatcher last year, I kid you not. Open ice hit, boom, down goes Hatcher. Not even joking.

And did you see Hatcher's hit on his own goalie last night? Boards. Whammo. I was dying.

Oh dude, that fucking cracks me up!!!

I knew there was hitting of some kind from the sound, but didn't realize it was Hatcher on Turco! Oopsie. :P

*giggle* I think I fell off my chair.

Oopsie is right.

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