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Oh happy hockey day

So both the teams I was rooting for today won their games! I was especially shrieky for the Bolts because Vinny scored in OT, and this was the first of their games I got to watch.

How inspired am I to write Chrissy's birthday fic now? :P I started watching the game thinking, "I hope Midgy and Vinny play well" and less than five minutes in, Vinny scores on a great pass from Midgy. And then Midgy has another great assist and an awesome goal, and to have Vinny win it in OT is just perfect. I kept getting irritated at the Bolts and yelled "Defense!" at my TV every time they got the lead. I really thought they were going to protect it towards the end of the third, but I had faith (or is that blind hope?) that they'd win it.

Eep, Stars! I was worried it was going to end up as a replay of Game 3 - Stars leading 1-0 going into the third, then Oilers tying it up - but that uhh, creative goal by Barnes and Kapanen saved the day. I'll have to say, though, I thought the Stars looked a lot better defensively than they did in the previous game. But I think that's only because I just watched Bolts/Caps. *hides* Naw, Stars were good in the third after they got the 3-1 lead.

As for the Bruins, I wasn't rooting for them or against them really, although I do expect the Devils to win the series. Yeah, me and the rest of the known world. But I was really fucking happy that Dan got 2 goals, and when (if?) they get eliminated at least that will be a high point for him.

Shayne Corson quit the team? During the playoffs? My reaction to reading that was kind of like the Invader Zim reaction "You quit being banished?" Err not that it's the same kind of situation, just the same level of ridiculousness.
Whaddya' know? I'm all talked out. Playoff hockey is still killing me.
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