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The Invincible M.A.E.

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*wipes tears*

Oh God, I'm just about to fall over with happiness right now. I got home late last night cos' I went to the gym, so I was just able to watch the Flyers/Leafs game. Leafs looked much better than they did in the second game and they played the way they should, with heart, because there's no other way they're going to beat the Flyers. I'm glad they won it cos' it made up (a little) for the uncalled high sticks on Owen and Al Mo. Oh, Kaberle! *cuddles him and pinches his apple cheeks*

Chip had to wake up early this morning and wouldn't let me watch the Wings/Ducklings game. *pouts* Again, I was so impressed by how the Ducklings didn't fall apart, just stayed calm and kept playing the way they did. I was so happy that Pahlsson finally got a goal, because he's had like 2 or 3 good scoring chances so far and whiffed on them, so I'm glad he's kind of been vindicated. And Chistov!!! *cuddles him* So much for playoff anxiety, huh? Oh wait, that's fiction, not reality. :P

The only game that didn't turn out the way I wanted was Canucks/Blues. It seems that the Canucks took a bunch of penalties? :( I'm still waiting for Natuzzison to explode. *spanks them*

So, in summary, I'm in a pretty good mood right now. :)

*cheers on Bolts and Stars*

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*nods* yeah I only saw highlights but the leafs did seem to come out with a lot more heart. And Almo, I shrieked. shrieked!! Apple cheeks *ggg* I so love him!! *cuddles Owen* He wasso pissy too. *licks*

Ducklings. LOL fiction reality, its all good :D

Both teams took an insane amount of penalties last night, I think like nine for the blues and tweleve for the canucks. *boggle* *spanks natuzzisan*

Oh and something else I forgot to mention ... I thought Cechmanek outplayed Belfour last night. There were lots of great scoring chances in the 3rd and he managed to save all of them. So it's even cooler that the Leafs won.

God, I was so scared seeing AlMo, not because of the blood, but because he was all woozy and stuff. :( *hugs him*

Owen had an awesome scoring chance off a rebound but Cechmanek pulled a Hasek. :P

*loves Ducklings*

Yow! Hehe but not as many as Game 2 of Oilers/Stars. :P *spanks Natuzzison too* Wake up!

ahhh that is cool, I'll get to see all of Saturday's game finally *grin* I so cant wait. *hugs them*

I was spazzing just with seeing the picture and then I saw the replay and my heart sak *weeps* I was so freaking worried, well still am a bit.


LOL no not as much as that *giggles* Silly refs! *spanks natuzzisan again* ahh I think that is just fun for me and not helping them at all *blush*

*sends them lots of love*

*sigh* From how shaken up he was, I think he has a concussion. :( But I hope the rest of the team will respond and everyone will pick it up. Owen is starting to wake up I think ... *loves them all*

*quacks* too

*joins in spanking* Hmm, same here. :P

*sends them love too* :D

I think that was what Pat was hinting at last ngiht but didnt actually say. *sigh* Yeah I hope they do too. *squishes them* And Owen! Yeah I hope so!!


*gg* Its fun yo

Dude, why are some ppl overlycocky, whiny bitches? *sigh*

So apparently, Lira and I are like the only two people on the face of the planet who thought the Stars put in a good effort. Everyone else agrees with you. *g*

Stars Just Can't Generate any Mo
By Jim Reeves
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

EDMONTON, Alberta - Their faces were painted orange and blue, the dominant colors of the Edmonton Oilers, and the signs they held up side by side during Game 3 at Skyreach Centre were brief and to the point.

"I hate Mike Modano," read one.

"I hate Mike Modano, too," read the other.

The irony is that if Modano doesn't play better than he did in Sunday night's 3-2 loss that gave the Oilers a 2-1 edge in the series, Oilers fans are going to love him in this town.

They might even build a statue to honor him, right alongside the one of Wayne Gretzky lifting the Stanley Cup.

Being loved in Edmonton is not the driving force in Modano's life, nor should it be.

Modano disappeared Sunday night when the Stars needed him most. Go ahead, try to remember something significant he did. Did the Stars' leading scorer even take a shot?

"He took a couple of shots, all right," said a Stars official, "but he didn't have the puck at the time."

Added another, "He has to play better, but when you lose, you almost always say that about your best player."

That is the burden Modano carries. He might as well skate with a bull's-eye drawn on the back of his jersey. He is the No. 1 target of every Stars opponent, and it's been that way for most of his career.

"That's particularly the case this time of the year," Modano said, even before finding himself being virtually pushed out of the game by the Oilers on Sunday night. "When you possibly can determine the outcome of the game, teams are aware of you."

By the Oilers' own admission, Modano is their No. 1 concern, and that won't change when the puck drops for Game 4 tonight at Skyreach Centre.

"[Modano] is the guy we mainly key on," Edmonton's Steve Staios said Monday. "It's a team effort. His speed is crucial [to the Stars]. It's a concentrated effort. You just can't do it with one guy on him. We are all aware when he's on the ice."

That's what made his disappearance in Game 3 all the more evident to the Stars. They need him to be Mike Modano, the best player on the ice, not a piece of the furniture in the first row of seats.

"Mo, by his own admission, probably didn't have his best game," coach Dave Tippett said Monday after the Stars' midday workout at a rink at Westmount Mall. "Whether that's Edmonton pushing him out or that's Mo needing to raise his level ...

"Mo is so good a player that he can dictate what's happening on the ice. They shouldn't be dictating to him."

Modano has been here often enough, played enough of these games, that he knows the drill by now, knows and understands what's expected of him and what he has to deliver.

"I wouldn't be in this position if I didn't thrive in these situations and look forward to them," Modano said. "I look for that opportunity to lift and maybe carry us at certain times of the game. That's what's transpired over the years in my situation as a player.

"You get to this level, sometimes you feel the game should be easier than it is, and sometimes it's not. So, you have to not let the frustration get to you and keep it positive and when you get the opportunity take advantage of it."

Modano knows that the Stars are a better team when he's scoring, so he tends to look for space to use his speed, room to maneuver. Sometimes that plays right into the opposition's hands, because it tends to take him away from the center of action.

"He needs to find the action and get in the middle of it," a Stars official said.

Look for Modano to do that tonight.

"When things don't go your way you've got to make things go your way, and as a line we didn't really force the issue too much," Modano admitted. "We need to be better. It was a skating game, and we kind of got caught flat-footed.

"They came through the neutral zone with a lot of speed. The strength of our team is taking that away."

Modano cannot allow the Oilers to take him out of the game. It's as simple as that. Otherwise, he should buy a ticket.

"There wasn't much room out there," he said. "Our passing wasn't great, and our speed wasn't good. When those things aren't going well for you, you're not going to create a lot of opportunities and chances."

Beating the Stars twice in three games has raised the Oilers' confidence level. The talk in their room is that if they put their best game on the ice every night, they can win this series.

That doesn't faze Modano, who knows exactly who should win.

"We feel if we play our best game, no one can beat us," Modano said. "That [Game 3] certainly wasn't our best game. When we have our four lines and everybody playing well, there should be no doubt in our minds who should win."

No doubt at all, but for that to happen, Modano must reinforce the feelings those fans voiced with their homemade signs.

He has to make the Oilers hate him, make them want to mangle him, batter him, knock his head off his shoulders, grind him into the ice.

Then, and only then, will he have done his job.

I didn't have problems with their offense, but I was really, really surprised how long the Oilers stayed in the Dallas zone and how (relatively) easy it was for them to enter it, because I've never seen Dallas play that way.

I still think the Stars will win the series, though. :)

Well, the Oilers also have amazing speed, and that scares us. It's sorta like how Philly backs off whenever Almo enters the zone. We do that with Horcoff and Marchant b/c they have wheels.

It was still scary tonight, but ... things are all right with the world.

Chip just saw your icon and asked why CS is in jail. :P

It's scary b/c we lost our killer instinct again.

Tell Chip ":p"

I hope it comes back. Soon.

Will do. :)

But didn't you say you had tickets for a game 6? What if them ducklings actually sweep? Or at win in fiev games? X)

Yeah, I do. If they sweep or win in 5 I guess I'll ... buy tickets for round 2? :P

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