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*wipes tears*

Oh God, I'm just about to fall over with happiness right now. I got home late last night cos' I went to the gym, so I was just able to watch the Flyers/Leafs game. Leafs looked much better than they did in the second game and they played the way they should, with heart, because there's no other way they're going to beat the Flyers. I'm glad they won it cos' it made up (a little) for the uncalled high sticks on Owen and Al Mo. Oh, Kaberle! *cuddles him and pinches his apple cheeks*

Chip had to wake up early this morning and wouldn't let me watch the Wings/Ducklings game. *pouts* Again, I was so impressed by how the Ducklings didn't fall apart, just stayed calm and kept playing the way they did. I was so happy that Pahlsson finally got a goal, because he's had like 2 or 3 good scoring chances so far and whiffed on them, so I'm glad he's kind of been vindicated. And Chistov!!! *cuddles him* So much for playoff anxiety, huh? Oh wait, that's fiction, not reality. :P

The only game that didn't turn out the way I wanted was Canucks/Blues. It seems that the Canucks took a bunch of penalties? :( I'm still waiting for Natuzzison to explode. *spanks them*

So, in summary, I'm in a pretty good mood right now. :)

*cheers on Bolts and Stars*
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