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The Invincible M.A.E.

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New friends page!

Umm, yeah, so I finally finished that Natuzzi friends page layout I'd been wanting to do for months. That's the good news. The bad news is, that aside from font type choice, the layout is done by me, the person with the artistic talent of a five-year-old who isn't trying.

But I like simplicity, and ... oh who the hell am I fooling? I just really love that pic. :)

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sooo awesome *happy sigh* maybe it'll propell one of them to score *ggg*

Thank you! And dude, I really hope so! They are going to explode in one of the games. :)

heee! *looks at it again* *swoonish* and just about my favourite guy on hockey posted under that entry from yesterday *gggg* bitter :D so awesome

Dude! That guy is so hilarious! He's the one who had that stick figure jerking off LJ icon. :) I added him because he likes Owen Nolan.

he rocks *grin* ahhhh really? kick ass! I loved that icon!

Yeah, I'm still waiting for him to put Thorty's head on it. :)

LMAO, that'd be so funny!! *dies*

*sigh* So lovely :) *drools*

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