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*weeps with joy and love for the Ducklings*

Oh Chistov, baby! I need to write more fic about him. :P God, I love them so much right now! So much! We're (possibly) going to Anaheim, baby!!! I was like, win it in regulation, boys! Don't make poor Jiggy go to OT again. :P

They redeemed themselves. *weeps tears of joy* They really, really needed that. I just wish Cloutier had gotten the shutout, he played awesome tonight! The whole team in general was good, although they kind of flagged a bit in the third.

Hopefully the Bolts will pick it up on the road.

Flan and I are getting jerseys! My first ever NHL merchandise purchase, I'm so excited! Of course, I don't get to see it for another 4-6 weeks, but it's still a great feeling. *sighs happily*

Anaheim, here we come! (Hopefully)

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