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Go, Ducklings!


The ticket(s) you ordered on April 07, 2003 for MIGHTY DUCKS OF ANAHEIM , have been printed! They will be shipped to you shortly via US Mail.

Come on Ducklings! One more game! How about today? :D

Actually the ticket was sold as "Home Game 3". Does this mean if the Ducklings beat the Wings in 5 or less (*gigglesnort*) that the ticket would then become Game 3 of Round 2? (Because the Ducklings would be the lower-seeded team for sure)

I kept thinking throughout the game how Flan and Maria were there in the middle of that crazy crowd, possibly leading that crazy crowd, and I was all happy and squealy for them (even though that meant the Leafs lost, eep). Flyers totally deserved that game, the Leafs could barely get anything going last night, I mean just look at the shot ratio.

Holy crap! All those penalties and so much confusion! Poor Whore. They had a little clip of the ref explaining stuff to Tippett and Whore was standing next to him, and he just looked so challenged. I mean, his face was all scrunched up like he just couldn't understand what the fuck was going on and it was hurting his head terribly. *giggle* Then he had an equipment problem in the 2nd period, I think it was issues with his helmet. :P That thing is the bane of his existence.

I don't think playing a physical game is the solution, Oilers. *coughs* Especially not you, Comrie. Jussi Markkanen (yet another letter whore) was impressive, I thought, letting in just that one goal, considering the rest of the game was played in his zone.

Chip thought Mike Modano was like 5'10" too. He's just a small guy in a big guy's body. :)

He also thought that Turco was wearing eyeliner and concluded that Turco is in drag under his gear and wearing women's lingerie. Just like Teemu Selanne. (Frala said that someone on a puckbunny(?) board posted that Paul Kariya is dating a lingerie model, and someone responded, "Teemu Selanne models lingerie?")

Chip and I are dying to know ... why does Buccigross say "Paul Kariya cha cha cha"?

Holy fuck, there's a lot of hockey to watch today! And Alex is off skiing so I can watch TV in his room and I don't have to wait for Chip to wake up. :D
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