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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I love Paul Kariya

Well, I certainly didn't expect triple OT. Unfortunately, I only taped 3 hours so my tape cut out in the middle of the first OT. :( Taping the repeat. I wanna see Paulie's goal! :D

The Ducklings looked so good! *weeps* JS was good but he didn't have to do anything spectacular in regulation, I think CuJo faced tougher/more shots. Hell, nothing like the first 10 minutes of Wild/Avs where the Avs are just pummeling Roloson.

One more game, Ducklings, you can do it!!! *tackles them all*

[Edit:] Damn, so much for not being spectacular. It sounds like JS was freaking awesome. I'll have to watch this game for sure tomorrow.

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JS was, in fact, freaking awesome. To the point where I sobbed "so you mean I have to put up with this guy for an entire SERIES?" :)

Congrats. Good luck getting the tape of Kariya, he was much with the cute after the goal.

*cuddles you* He's been great all season, but from what I hear of how he played in OT, I doubt he can maintain that amount of spectacularity. :P

Thank you! Ducklings were playing as well as I've seen them all year, just to contain the Wings in regulation, so it will be a very tough series for them.


That game was so freaking awesome! I am SO hoping they pull it out for you so there's a Game 6! Eeep! (And that the Ducklings win the series in Game 6 too!). I so hope you get to see it... Paul was awesome...

Eee, thank you!!! *huggles* And I did tape the game and skip to watch just the end, and it was glorious! *sighs happily*


omg paul kariya is awesome....sooo cute.....but now he's an avalanche! hahahaa....teemu and paul beack together! yeah!! I love Paul Kariya!!!!

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