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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Neo rocks

(Jess, cover your eyes)

Neo made this great picture of me for my birthday. *grins evilly*

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*loves* neo really does rock!!!

that picture is soooooo damn cute *squishes you*

LoL! Not much Peca love, eh? *g* Unless, of course, that's you being predatory in the other sense of the word ;)

I think he may the player I most dislike in the NHL, although that isn't saying much. And ... *shrieks* *shrieks again*

Here's the funny bit. XD; I had NO idea it looked like you. I just randomly drew that person!! *lol* ^o^ Talk about a coinkeedink.

It's the overall look, like that's kind of what I'd pick for my avatar in computer games and stuff. :)

*g* awww.. why don't you like mikey? he too geeky to hate.

Jessie, laughing her butt off

I just don't like the way he talks. :P I really haven't seen him play all that much, though.

I just don't like the way he talks

Well, he's havin' trouble gettin' rid of his canadian accent. he a real friggin' good player though, even if he looks like clark kent *g*

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