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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The Jets? Really???

Today on Waiheke Island, I saw a man in a Winnipeg Jets T-shirt(!!!) Then later I saw a little boy (who was not Serge) in a Leafs T-shirt. I talked to his mom a bit and she's from Toronto so that makes sense, but... the Jets? Really?

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I like how you qualified the Leafs shirt as 'not Serge'. :)

But, hey! Winnipeg has a kind of mystique even here, maybe it's gone global!

Hehe he was about the same age, with longish hair. The mom had long black dreadlocks and was most definitely not Bernie, though.

I suppose the Jets (old and new) have the same mystique as the Hartford Whalers.

Just stumbled on this and wanted to leave it here for you for later!

Life after the Rocket Richard Trophy: An interview with Jonathan Cheechoo (28-Nov-2013)

Ahh! Captain Cheech!!! And baby Cheech!!!

I could have been lying to y'all all this time :)

I have a theory the jets are everywhere!

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