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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Guess who has playoff tickets?

*cackles insanely* Lira, Tammy and I have tickets to game 6 in Anaheim!!! *prays there is a game 6*

*cackles more*

And ... thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes. They made me all happy and smiley and stuff. *mass hugs* :)

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Yay Mae! *hugs* Woot for people with playoff tickets! Go us!

Thanks, and yay for you!! *hugs* You guys aren't sleeping on Thursday night, I think. :P

We aren't sleeping at ALL this week!

Oh dear. *hands you guys some sleeping pills*

ahh.. sorry happy late birthday!!!!

Sorry... I've been neglecting LJ alot lately. :c(

Thanks, Devlyn!!! :)

Ahh, well, LJ is here for you, not the other way around. If that makes sense. *scratches head*

Well. I meant my LJ friends. ;c)

And I meant ... what the hell did I mean? Uhh ... thanks again, and cute icon. :)

Ha. I don't know.

Thanks. vivifygirl made it for me. She rocks!


...and if there's not a Game 6, it's because the Ducks beat the Wings in FIVE ;)

(Deleted comment)
yay for playoff tickets!! *giggles* even if I could manage to get to vancouver they are sold out for two rounds (if there are two rounds) lol

Ahh, I can understand that! I think if the Sharks had made the playoffs we'd have no chance of getting payoff tickets either. Well, not without spending a bajillion dollars! *giggle*

*giggles* but you get to se dorky Petr!!!so aweosme!

I have seen him twice this season already, I am soinlove! :)

heee!!!! dude I am vicariously from listenign to you so I can well imagine lol:D

It's the chinchilla that did it, isn't it? ;)

I think it might have been that.. oh or the pizza *giggles* btw, got two pages of whoretontuzzi written

*dies* Whoretontuzzi!!! *loves that name* And oh God the images, the images!!! *light-headed*

*giggles* ahhhh I am dying writing it *giggles* So much grumpy, lol.

Eee!!! I love the grumpiness so much! :)

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