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From Penguins notebook: Blue Jackets newest rival? Not just yet:

Penguins center Sidney Crosby and Columbus defenseman Jack Johnson attended prep school together at Shattuck-St. Mary's in Minnesota and, in the process, became close friends.

Almost like brothers.

The kind of brothers who would arm-wrestle to see who gets the last strip of bacon at breakfast.

"We've always been competitive with each other, in a very healthy way," Johnson said. "We definitely don't let the other one win, as much as we can.

"Whatever it was, we'd always make a game out of it, try to beat each other in whatever it was. When we had a free weekend to go out and play a tennis match, you'd have thought it was Wimbledon.

"We're both probably not really very good, but it got really competitive. I think that's a cool thing, in a lot of ways."

I can picture this way too easily.
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