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I just got an iPhone 5s and I like it more than I thought I would. The HD aspect ratio is nice because my videos can now fill the screen without being partially cut off. It's noticeably faster and lighter. The fingerprint lock works decently so far, but it seems gimmicky.

One thing I was worried about was having to use the Podcasts app because podcasts are no longer part of Music. This is an app that has almost all 1 star reviews on iTunes. As it turns out, my control freak usage of podcasts where I download and pick the podcasts to sync to my iPhone means that everything works exactly the same for me as it did before! :D

The only unbeaten team left in the NFL is the Alex Smith-led Kansas City Chiefs. LOL and ♥ at the same time. I truly am happy for him.

I have yet to watch a Blue Jackets game this season. All I've seen of JMFJ so far has been 1) getting shouldered in the head by Kaleta and 2) being groped by Jagr and having his leg pushed out from under him so he couldn't brace for the boards. :( I'm surprised he didn't get a concussion from the Kaleta hit. There must be something to the theory that the ones without much going on upstairs are resistant to concussions.
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