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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Chicago! And other travel

I'm trying to remember what I did this year, but I don't really know. :P Maybe as I remember things I'll post about them.

I went to Chicago in August with abby20, lastcatastrophe and joolzie (and mini-Joolzie)! I haven't seen joolzie since Vegas in... 2009? and this was my first time meeting her kid. Who is taller than me!!! She is adorable and very Joolziesque. backcheck worked a bunch before we showed up so she could hang out with us. And she scored the most amazing seats (first row field level!!!) ever for the Cubs game! ♥ We had many epic meals, the most epic being Girl & the Goat. The waitress recommended eight dishes for us, we ordered twelve and ate everything muahaha! We went to early_afternoon's place for an authentic Midwestern BBQ with mommy and daddy SDQ and I got to meet her fiance! He doesn't understand why we all hug so much. :P

Sadly, tamiflu couldn't make it because she was busy in France or something at the time but I did get to see her in May when I was in San Diego for the week. We went to the USS Midway and took a surfing lesson together which mostly involved us getting knocked over by waves. I was there again early this month and we went to Disneyland and Legoland. Disneyland makes me want to borrow someone's kid so I can go on all the rides. Or it doesn't have to be a kid I guess. Does anyone want to go to Disneyland with me?

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Give me a couple of years and I will totally go to Disneyland with you. I need to go when Serge is old enough to not expect to be carried but young enough not to be rolling his eyes.

Hooray! Chip's kid is 21 months and was carried everywhere for the most part. She greatly enjoyed the Small World ride.

Just checked out the Girl and the Goat website, and it seems awesome! I'll have to remember it if I ever find myself in Chitown again. And apparently also to make nice with backcheck, because wow, even in a down year, those are killer seats to land!

(Bri will be in Chicago this weekend, but she's going for a Supernatural convention, which means the only time she will leave the convention hotel will be coming from and headed to the airport :X)

The consensus favourite was the goat liver mousse but everything else was also incredibly good! I was stunned by the seats. We were right in front of where the bullpen warms up! It was a lovely night (except for the Cubs being shut out).

Ahh, that's too bad she doesn't get to explore, Chicago is a nice city. :)

Oh just go on all the rides!!! :D

It feels weird going by myself!

I am just randomly dropping in to LJ, but I STILL think fondly about Girl and the Goat. ::dreamy sigh::

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