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Chicago! And other travel

I'm trying to remember what I did this year, but I don't really know. :P Maybe as I remember things I'll post about them.

I went to Chicago in August with abby20, lastcatastrophe and joolzie (and mini-Joolzie)! I haven't seen joolzie since Vegas in... 2009? and this was my first time meeting her kid. Who is taller than me!!! She is adorable and very Joolziesque. backcheck worked a bunch before we showed up so she could hang out with us. And she scored the most amazing seats (first row field level!!!) ever for the Cubs game! ♥ We had many epic meals, the most epic being Girl & the Goat. The waitress recommended eight dishes for us, we ordered twelve and ate everything muahaha! We went to early_afternoon's place for an authentic Midwestern BBQ with mommy and daddy SDQ and I got to meet her fiance! He doesn't understand why we all hug so much. :P

Sadly, tamiflu couldn't make it because she was busy in France or something at the time but I did get to see her in May when I was in San Diego for the week. We went to the USS Midway and took a surfing lesson together which mostly involved us getting knocked over by waves. I was there again early this month and we went to Disneyland and Legoland. Disneyland makes me want to borrow someone's kid so I can go on all the rides. Or it doesn't have to be a kid I guess. Does anyone want to go to Disneyland with me?

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