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Mutants, alphas, metahumans, etc.

I've always enjoyed TV shows about people with special abilities. A bit odd given that I'm not really into superheroes. I guess the difference is in the superhero genre, somebody gets special powers and then they decide to slap on a costume and become either a hero or a villain. But there are so many other paths they could take! I find exploration of that territory more interesting.

My favourite take on the subject is The 4400. It's not the best written, doesn't have the most compelling characters, doesn't have great production values, but it had the most interesting idea (and a great theme song). People who have disappeared at different times in the past 60 years all return to one place simultaneously; they haven't aged and they all have special powers.

This is just such an amazing idea full of rich storytelling opportunities. Not only are the people dealing with having suddenly developed superpowers, they're also dealing with appearing in a time that's not their own; their relatives and friends have all aged and assumed that they're dead, and the ones who disappeared the earliest have nobody left at all.

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The Tomorrow People is the newest incarnation of the subgenre. It's a remake of a '70s British show that I never watched, so does that make the original the first series of its type? It's okay so far. I'm liking Jacob from Lost/Lucifer from Supernatural as the big bad, although the lead actor is not very attractive and seems especially old (even considering they usually use much older actors to play high school students). His cousin (Stephen Amell from Arrow) stole all the looks, I guess. The Tomorrow People leader is pretty cute, or at least more charming.

The tone of this show is similar to The Nine Lives of Chloe King although it's probably closest to the X-Men movie franchise.

Mr. Pavelski had a great game tonight! It makes me happy. He's probably the most consistent forward we have in terms of effort and effectiveness. Or maybe that's Logan. Err, they're tied! I'm happy with all of the players we have! Usually, there's at least one person on the team I don't like, occasionally someone really gross like Heatley (so happy every time I think of him... not being here), and I look at the guys on the ice and I'm mostly happy or at worst neutral.

Oh wait, we have Raffi Torres. Well he's on the IR. Won't see him for a while.

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