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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marco Sturm & Friends

*shrieks* You know how when they televise hockey games, at the beginning they show guys in the locker room getting ready, fiddling with equipment? So all the Sharks were doing that, taping sticks, adjusting padding, etc, except Patty and Marco. What were they doing? Standing motionless and smiling at each other sweetly. Soinlove!!!

Ahh and Marco!!! Tied for Patty with 28 goals leading the team. Soinlove, soinlove! *shrieks again*

*ahem* Now that that's over ... last night I had chicken parmigiana for dinner, yum. We were going to sleep and Chip and I were kissing *giggleblush* and he goes "chicken parm!" Then he goes, "Ewwwwww!!!" and recoils from me. And that only made sense to people who know chicken parm = Ray Ferarro. Okay, scampering off now ...

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*giggle* Patty-n-Marco ;)))

ChickenParm!!!! *squiggle* Hehehehehehe.

I like Patty/Marco. It's kind of sweet and suits them.

*nods* It does indeed :)))

eeee patty and marco :D adn dude Chip blurintg out parm *giggles all crazy like* :D

They have special smiles for each other. :)

It was so funny, I think he really traumatized himself!

*giggles* poor chip but lol

I will be forever traumatized that Chip blurted out my husband's name while you two were in bed :p

Dude... I so TRIED to watch the Sharks game last night for some Patty/Marco goodness and... I fell asleep :(

You think you're traumatized. He starts everytime I say "chicken parm" now and makes an awful face.

There wasn't that much last night. :( But it was Alyn and Teemu's night. And holy fuck, Vesa's. I lost count of how many insane saves he made.

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