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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! As someone whose national pastime is eating, this is definitely my favourite American holiday. :P I'll be going to Chapeau tonight for dinner. I don't know if they'll have a special Thanksgiving menu or not, but I know what ever they'll have it will be DELICIOUS!

I'm almost caught up on Once Upon a Time. It's better than S1 so far, but still retains some of the old problems that it had. The season premiere was weak. As lame as Snow White and Prince Charming's characters are, at least I know them, and to open with three new characters, none of whom I give a shit about, was blah. Basically the way I enjoy this show is I cheer for Regina and Rumpelstiltskin and I love it when they scheme and totally ruin everyone's lives. So I'm very irritated by Belle and her stupid Australian accent all HUMANIZING Rumpelstiltskin and making him want to be a better man and stuff. Go away!

I'm so addicted to American Horror Story: Asylum. By no means would I call it a good show, but it's so fucked up I want to keep watching and see what they come up with next. Visually it's really fantastic too with fun camera angles and filters and effects.

I am obsessed with iPhone creature breeding games. The premise is that you raise creatures (dragons, monsters, etc.) and then breed them together to get different species. If you're lucky you can get a rare creature. I'm playing Monster Story, Dragon Story, My Singing Monsters and Tiny Monsters. Anyone playing those too?
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