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Wow, it really IS easy to fall out of the whole LJ thing. Part of it is that I want to post about stuff that I have many thoughts on, like the Giants winning the World Series for the second time in three years and bringing Tati to the parade. Or going to the Wine and Food Affair in Sonoma and eating lots of delicious food and drinking tasty wine.

So I will post about things that I have less thoughts about, like TV!

On Elementary, Sherlock does this fake American accent that sounds really bad. But he had an American accent that sounded fine when he was on Eli Stone. So he had to figure out how to take his American accent and make it sound bad. That must be so weird.

American Horror Story: Asylum definitely continues in the vein of S1, which is to not exactly be good, but really compelling to watch. It's the only show I've watched in years where I see that there's only 10 minutes left in the episode and I'm like... really??? It's been picked up for S3, so I wonder where they're going to take it next. Having watched Prometheus recently, I would love to see a space horror miniseries!

I still enjoy Arrow, mostly because I like finding out more about the backstory. I'm not that keen about the most recent episode though, because then it felt TOO similar to Batman, and it's already so similar.

Person of Interest is so good. And it makes me happy to see all these actors from shows I love getting good recurring roles on it.

I finally started watching the first few episodes of Once Upon a Time from S2 and I think it's still quite terrible but has improved from S1. I've never said this about any TV show ever, but I was struck by how unrelentingly sexist this show is. Also, Regina's mom is exactly like mine. Good thing my mother doesn't have magic! :P

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