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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

And the A's shall lead them

Who would have thought that Zito would be starting Game 1 of the World Series? Perhaps he'll pull off a performance like he did vs. Johan Santana in '06. With all of the craziness and winning six consecutive elimination games, to me the best thing that happened was Marco Scutaro winning the series MVP. ♥

I've been checking out a lot of the new shows. Nothing truly amazing yet, but only one was terrible and another was good but I just didn't like the subject matter.

Arrow: Like this a lot! It reminds me a bit of Revenge in that Arrow has a take down list as well which serves as a good focus. This adaptation of very Batman-like which works for me. It's a compelling scenario. I also love Katie Cassidy to bits and pieces, even if she isn't blonde.

Beauty and the Beast: Not bad. I like Kristin Kreuk, especially her voice, and I like the relationship she has with her partner (who is female! I like that). I don't find the Beast that interesting but he's not annoying. Reminds me of Dark Angel with the Manticore project.

Bunheads: I think I wrote about this before so I might be repeating myself but I really liked this! Just checked on renewal status and it's coming back for another 8 episodes. It's very Gilmore Girls-like but there aren't really any other shows like that on TV and I really enjoy all of the dialogue and funny, cutesy little situations and absurd humour. I don't even give a shit about ballet or dancing in general.

Elementary: I haven't seen Sherlock so I can't do any comparison. Everyone says it's better and I'm sure it is, but I feel if this is different enough there's room for more than one Holmes. This follows the standard pattern of the CBS procedural and general "eccentric, annoying, brilliant hero bothers everyone but solves the mystery" archetype. I like Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in their roles (Alex asks, "But if Watson is a woman, then what will happen to the homoerotic tension between Holmes and Watson???") My favourite thing might be the inclusion of the seemingly trivial clues that lead to deductions about improbable crimes that's very much done in the spirit of the books.

Emily Owens, M.D.: This is supposedly a rip-off of Grey's Anatomy, which I've never watched. It's fairly enjoyable so far but I'm already watching Hart of Dixie so I don't know how many neurotic young doctors I really need. :P

Last Resort: I remember reading the show summary a few months ago and I literally burst out laughing at how stupid it sounded. But the cast seemed decent so I checked it out and was surprised to find out that it's actually not bad! It's not a show I find myself wanting to watch immediately when it airs though as I'm not sure how the show can come to any kind of positive resolution. Also, why do so many people think Dichen Lachman has a British accent? She sounds so Australian!

Major Crimes: This is The Closer with Sharon Raydor in charge instead of Brenda Leigh Johnson. I really disliked Raydor at first when she was doing her Internal Affairs investigation but I started to appreciate after it became clear that she just wanted to do a good job in her own way.

Perception: I really enjoyed this! Yes it's yet another eccentric, annoying, brilliant hero bothers everyone but solves the mystery" archetype but in this one the hero is actually crazy! Awesome! :D Maybe I just like hallucinations a lot. I don't know.

Revolution: I would have been very excited about this show except that one of the creators is Kripke who was the creator of Supernatural, which has the most pathetically bad mythology I've ever seen in a TV show. But whatever. I'm enjoying the performances and all of the sword fighting scenes and I generally like post-apocalyptic settings so I'm just watching with no expectations that the mystery will be cool because I know with him in charge it will probably be a level of stupidity akin to being super-kicked in the balls.

666 Park Avenue: I basically like anything that attempts to be spooky or scary or whatever. It was a decent pilot but I feel like they're trying to do the continuing storyline thing, but it isn't interesting and they're still kind of doing one-offs at the same time. It feels unfocused. I do enjoy the spooky sequences though. And also that Rachael Taylor speaks with an American accent, not Australian.

The Mob Doctor: This was awful. I only watched it because Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights) is in it and he's just in a small token boyfriend role. The premise is kind of annoying (a doctor indebted to the mob!) and wasn't really executed in an interesting way. Blech.

Nashville: I like Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere but I deleted this one before even finishing the episode. It's well-acted and I really like all of the music (apparently it's original? I heard like four songs that could be hits) but I'm just not interested in that type of story. Revenge is a soap opera too but there's a focus to it that takes it in an interesting direction. This show doesn't seem like it's going anywhere interesting.

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nashville is so lacking for me, i want to like it but so far im missing something to pull me in.

I enjoy last resort though. a lot. but you're right, I've been thinking about where it can go and evolve - but I remmeber thinking that about prison break too and they made that go on for ages haha, so who knows.

I haven't been watching any of the others.

The show seems to be set up as a power struggle between the two country stars and that just doesn't seem all that compelling. I don't even like watching something like American Idol, let alone something that goes into all of the behind the scenes machinations.

The thing propelling the plot is uncovering the conspiracy I guess, but there seem to be so many challenges day to day, not to mention they just lost a huge chunk of their people and there weren't that many to start with. If the captain would state what his long-term plan is, even if it changes later, that would give the show some direction.

I still think of your "Zito Gay" icon when I hear his name, and it never fails to make me giggle.

I giggled every time I walked past it!

The only one off your list that I've watched is Arrow, and that only the first episode so far. I enjoyed it, but I feel that whoever's writing it doesn't know very much about the comics at all - it almost feels like someone told them, "There's this guy who shoots arrows and beats people up. And oh yeah, here are all the names of major characters in the comics. Go nuts." It doesn't feel very true to the comics yet, but I'm going to give it time.

I may also have a slight bias towards wanting to like the show, as I'm doing a Green Arrow costume for Halloween... ;)

Oh wait, I lied - I've seen the second (I think) episode of Elementary. It was kind of fun, and I'd like to see more of it (not to mention seeing the first episode!).

Oh yeah, I'd imagine that anyone who is a fan of the comics probably won't like it haha. Basically you have to keep them in separate compartments. I think this is inspired by the Batman movies more than anything.

I will probably watch Arrow once it's all out, and Last Resort too. I hate following shows week to week. The only show I actually watch as it airs is Leverage. But Arrow has the promise of some attractive people kicking ass, and Last Resort sounds like the kind of military drama I'm a sucker for.

I haven't seen Elementary nor will I, I dislike Lucy Liu and CBS' premise kind of makes it seem like Monk. I wasn't a huge Monk fan either, but I've seen enough episodes that I don't need a Sherlock/Monk. Although I admit, I do like BBC Sherlock but mostly because I like the snark and pretty visuals.

I think Last Resort would benefit from viewing a bunch in a row because there's a continuing storyline. Arrow sort of is as well, but is more episodic.

There are a ton of shows that follow the same formula: Monk, The Mentalist, Perception, House, the Gil Grissom CSI (sort of), Bones, etc. It all hinges on whether you like the main character or not.

I'm hanging out for arrow, but I think I will just pick up a cheap box set after the first season.

I haven't fallen in love with any of the new shows this season but a lot of the returning shows have come back strong, especially Person of Interest.

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