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If it wasn't for baseball (and the 49ers) I'd be sitting around feeling empty and pining for hockey.

It was just so great to have both teams in the playoffs. Two teams that by reason should have wilted and faded away and never did. I really wanted the A's to advance, more than the Giants even though I've followed that team more in recent years. They just had something really special going on this year, and taking a team with the triple crown winner and pretty much the best pitcher in the league to Game 5 is a big accomplishment. I definitely got tearful with all of the Oakland chants that were going on after the game ended, and I heard that they were still going on in BART later.

Game 3 with lastcatastrophe was amazing and kind of made up for 2006. And even though AT&T Park is beautiful and shiny and new, the Coliseum is still a much nicer to place to watch a game (to me).

I never thought I would ever watch Zito and Timmy pitch in the same game. And then in the Game 5 celebration Zito hit Timmy in the face with a cork hahaha. And apparently Clay Hensley punched Angel Pagan in the face because he was really excited about Buster Posey's grand slam. Yeah, I don't know.

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