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Marco *clap* *clap* Scutaro *clap* *clap*

So much Bay Area sports stuff happening! It's actually enough to take my mind off the stupid lockout. I bought the At Bat app so I can listen to playoff games when I'm at work or out. Not a bad deal for $4.

The Giants won the NL West! I was definitely concerned when Melky was suspended but they got even better after that. It's a different feel this year than 2010, though. That starting rotation felt so solid. And now I don't fully trust anyone besides except Matt Cain. I think Lincecum, Zito and Bumgarner will be great. But I don't know that they'll be. I really want Zito to have a game like he did when he pitched against Johan Santana and the Twins in 2006. That was incredible. And I want Marco Scutaro to have a big playoffs.

Both of those things would be kind of bittersweet though because I loved that A's team so much. And then my heart was broken.

After everyone got traded away, it was very hard to watch the A's. Not because they sucked. I'm used to watching teams that suck. I started watching the 49ers in 2005 when they went 2-14 and enjoyed games, haha. It was the knowledge that anybody I fell in love with would probably be traded away. I think something like three entire teams of players have been traded away since 2006.

I watched several A's games towards the end of the season, partly because I listen to 95.7 The Game all day at work and they talk about the A's all the time and what a great story they are. And it's not painful to watch anymore because every single person is gone. Yet they still have that whole laid back Oakland thing with the Bernie and the pies and that carefree confidence.

And they have that intangible feel of a team that's going to go far. I think they have a better chance of reaching the World Series than the Giants. I really hope they win at least win the ALDS. Revenge! Revenge!

If the Giants and A's play each other in the World Series I will be way more neurotic than when the Sharks played the Kings in 2011 though. At least I knew for sure who I was rooting for then! (Who knows how I'll feel if it gets to that point, but I have the feeling I might root for the A's).

The 49ers make me so weepy! Alex Smith is the Patrick Marleau of the 49ers for me. :P It makes me so happy to see him all relaxed and joking in press conferences and playing confidently. The way he handles questions about Kapaernick is great; he's been through so much worse. Last year it felt like almost every win was so hard-fought and torturous, like they barely pulled it off. This year with the improved offense, I feel like the victories have been more decisive. How did this happen to my 2-14 team? *weeps happily*

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