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The Invincible M.A.E.

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It's special to ME!

I took Tati to the game today and bought standing room seats for $12 (only $10 for Tati--kids get $2 off!) since she usually doesn't seem interested in sitting in one place to watch a game.

We sat in the bleachers a bit for warm ups and a nice usher gave her a ball that had been hit over the wall during batting practice. She was pretty happy with it.


I tried to explain the significance of the baseball to her.

ME: This is an official baseball that the players used! It's special!
TATI: For who?
ME: Well, it's special to ME!

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freckles! Serge has a few freckles now, I can't decide if they are cute or I am a neglectful mother who didn't take him in a baby burka in his pram. hmmmmmm.

He is going to get them eventually anyway! :P I think as long as they don't get sunburned it's okay.

she is so sweet :)

ugh ive been sucked back into baseball, well just the bluejays lol. my fandom for them is so cyclical, I liked them waaaay back when, then when I was i college, which was also way back when, then again which was also way back when - jfc I'm old hahaha. but here I am again all summer watching them lose.

abby20 has been keeping me somewhat updated on the Blue Jays. They seemed to be doing pretty decent until everyone got injured right?

yes for sure they did and then some kind of insane injury bug hit.

that picture is PRECIOUS. it is everything amazing about life.

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