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Mmm, lesbian

First of all,

Happy birthday, CC!!!

I can't believe you made me like the Bruins. *giggle*

More Singapore immersion last night. We all had a yummy dinner at this fusion restaurant called "The House" in North Beach. Not only does it not suck (like every other fusion restaurant I've ever been to), it's incredibly good. Yummy. Great being in the company of people who love food, and it's all about the food. Fuck atmosphere. :P Many entertaining stories, loads of fun.

Finally watched the Sharks/Avs game from Monday. There was much Marco Sturm & Friends action throughout the game. *shrieks* They both have career highs in goals! Ahh, and when Marco scored off of Patty's rebound, during the goal celebration they had eyes only for each other, and had a hug close enough to approach Natuzzi-level. *sighs happily*

So that may explain why I dreamt I had sex with the lesbian. *sigh* It took a very very long time for me to admit that he's hot. And now it's like ... gah!!! I'm going to feel so dirty when I watch him now.

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